Inspire. Round 1.

Not every blog entry is going to be based on my in-depth navel-gazing thoughts or insights… some are going to be just a short collection of pretty ace things people around the globe are doing. I have tried to do this for my colleagues and friends every couple of months, and have had colleagues start to send me things they’ve found on their travels. It was these lists that triggered the creation of this blog.

Some are behaviour change related. Some more campaign or marketing related. And some just pretty darn sweet design, art or just a neat idea. These are the inspiring things that remind me there’s rad people sharing this planet with us.

So, here’s Round 1. Take them, leave them or pass them on…

Google has shared the research its been undertaking on what makes for good teams working together: ‘Psychological safety’.

Ping pong balls on a pool creating a moving projection screen

The Imaginarium: Incredible displays in Singapore illustrating what its like to be immersed in an ocean of plastic pollution

Ironing fabric to make impressive artworks.

We behave more badly than we remember…. or more accurately – we tend to help ourselves forget our bad behaviour.

Get your face on stickers. 





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